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What is the cost of coronary artery bypass grafting?

Q: What is the cost of coronary artery bypass grafting in India? Please name a few good hospitals, which offer this surgery? My father is suffering from a blockage of 85% in an artery. The doctors have advised him to undergo CABG. He is 60 years old.

A:You have not mentioned as to which city are you looking for your father’s surgery so that a list of good hospitals in that city can be provided. On an average bypass surgery costs any thing between Rs.1.25 lacs to Rs.2.0 lacs depending on the room facility that one chooses and also the complexity of the operation and the need for use of extra gadgetry. Regarding your third query of better option between bypass and angioplasty, I think this question can only be answered ones, one gets to see the angiography film in original.


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