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What is the correct drug regime for tubercular lymphadenitis?

Q: I was diagnosed with tubercular lymphadenitis. What drug regime should I follow in the first two months? Where should I go for proper treatment of this in India?

A:You can take short course chemotherapy for 6 months. In this therapy, there are two phases. First is the intensive phase for two months and continuation phase for 4 months. Intensive phase – 2 months Streptomycin - 0.75 g
Isoniazid – 300 mg Rifampicin – 450 mg Pyrazinamide – 1.5 g Continuation phase – 4 months - all drugs are taken twice weekly. Streptomycin - 0.75 g Isoniazid – 600 mg Rifampicin – 600 mg Streptomycin is available in injection form, and has to taken intramuscularly. Other drugs are available in oral form. This treatment is available in all government hospitals including primary health centre and DOTS (Direct Observed Therapy Short course) centre.


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