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What is the cause of too much pain during intercourse?

Q: I am facing a serious problem for the past one month. I am a married. On the first day of the first intercourse with my wife, my penis was flooded with blood and both of us experienced lots of pain. Since then, whenever I have sex with my wife, my penis cannot enter into the vagina to its full length. A huge tight area is seen around the vagina. I am not enjoying my honeymoon period at all. Please give some suggestion for a successful intercourse.

A:Painful or difficult intercourse is most often due to problems of not enough lubrication. In women, not being wet enough for comfortable intercourse can sometimes be a signal that her body is not yet fully aroused. Sometimes this is because it isn't the right time/place/partner/activity for her. Some women have less lubrication when on the pill than others. Anxiety may interfere with the relaxation that facilitates arousal and lubrication, i.e. anxiety about sexual performance, prohibitions to being sexually active, fear of pregnancy, concern about being interrupted or any other source of anxiety in the persons life. Painful spasms of muscles at the opening of the vagina (vaginismus) may be an involuntary response to painful stimuli. These spasms may be due to several factors, including painful insertion, previous painful experiences, previous abuse, or an unresolved conflict regarding sexuality. Vaginal or vulvar infection too may cause problems. Some male genital conditions like herpes infection, variococeles, infection/inflammation of the testicles my also cause difficulty. Sometimes people will experience discomfort because of physical reactions to relationship problems or to previous negative sexual experiences. It is all right for any person to not have intercourse anytime they don't feel ready. Taking more time before intercourse or trying different activities during foreplay can be helpful in increasing arousal and lubrication. If the problem persists your wife should consult a gynaecologist to rule out conditions like vaginismus, myofascial disorder etc.


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