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What is the cause for weight loss?

Q: I have a problem of weight loss. I am a 46 year-old executive and am suffering from Parkinson's syndrome, for which I have been on regular medicines for the past 3 years. The dose was increased 2 months back because of a slight worsening of the symptoms. Earlier, my weight used to be 76 - 78 kg (I am 1.76 m tall and of medium build) and had come down steadily to around 66/67 kg over the past 3 years. But after this latest round it is 64 kg. whereas the average weight should be at least 72 kg. My appetite is normal. My neurologist is unable to help.

A:The loss of weight needs investigations. I suggest 3 important tests: 1. X-ray Chest, 2. Blood sugar Fasting & 2 hours after meals and 3. Ultrasound of the abdomen. Diabetes, TBoma are the 2 most important causes of loss of weight and we should check for these. It is not correct to say that for a person of 1.76 cm the weight should be atleast 72 kg. In fact the correct range would be 65-75 approx. But you have lost weight and that needs looking into.


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