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What is the cause for supra patellar fullness?

Q: I am 35 years old, and have been on Rcinex 600. I have pain in my right knee. X-ray shows joint space normal, alignment normal, articular surfaces normal but supra patellar fullness. Bending the knee aggravates the pain. Please explain.

A:Supra means "above", patellar means the "knee cap", fullness indicates there is "swelling". To explain in plain English, it means swelling in the knee above the level of the knee cap. This can be as a result of several conditions. I notice from your drug history that you have taken Rcinex. That is a medicine given for Tuberculosis. Did you have tuberculosis of lungs or any part of the body? If yes, then you definitely need to consult someone regarding the swelling as it could be because of swelling of the lining of the knee (synovial membrane). It could also be as a result of inflammation from early arthritis. This also needs to be evaluated.


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