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What is the cause for skin infection near the groin?

Q: I am having skin infection near the groin region. The problems happens only when I am at the place of work, Chennai. The water is very hard and skin becomes very dry. Due to this infection, the skin has become darker and smells even though I maintain a good hygiene. The problem disappears when I reach my native place and again surfaces when I am in Chennai. I consulted a skin specialist who mentioned that this was common and recommended a white powder from Ranbaxy. He also recommended me vitamin E cream for restoring the colour. I do not know what is the cure, and am suffering because of this. Please advise.

A:Your problem is likely to be that of intertrigo or tinea cruris. For exact diagnosis, examination and investigations like KOH of scraping of groin skin are required. In any case, you may try Kansel DS lotion (contains clotrimazole) locally twice daily in the groin and orally tablet Zimig (contains terbinafine) 250 mg once a day for two weeks. If you do not respond to treatment, do consult a dermatologist.


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