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What is the cause for regular foot pain?

Q: For the past few months, I have been waking up in the morning with aching feet especially in the mid-foot/arch region. It does not bother me so much later in the day. I am 33 years old and weigh 77 kgs. Could it be due to Vitamin B12 deficiency? i have tried soaking feet in warm water before going to bed.

A:There can be several reasons for foot pain ranging from improper footwear to diet and exercise. I can't say if this is because of vitamin B12 deficiency. Incase of vitamin. B12 deficiency, the more prominent symptom is tingling and numbness of feet, and not just the pain. I would advise to check with a doctor and get a confirmed diagnosis. It can be due to sitting in one position for long hours, or weight, or lack of exercise, or even some vitamin deficiency. Best way will be to consult your doctor.


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