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What is the cause for recurrent itching on the thighs?

Q: I am a 45 years old woman. I often get itching on my thighs and each time a new doctor gives a different medication, but nothing really helps. I have visited most of the dermatologists in my city. The skin has a bad smell when I sweat and my KOH report shows nothing wrong despite persistent itching. My blood as well as urine tests are normal. Please suggest me some medicine for this. In summer, I often get rashes on the body too which itch. Please suggest and help me.

A:Itching on the thighs could be due to a variety of causes and the doctor who got your KOH examination done was correct since he wanted to exclude a fungus infection, even though it is much more common in men than in ladies. I also do not know whether you are constitutionally heavy and your thighs rub against each other while walking which could be another cause for itching. It is also possible that a person may get into the habit of scratching, once itching is caused by any factor and an itch-scratch-itch vicious cycle gets established. I hope you appreciate that all these can be sorted out by a personal consultation and if you stick to a good dermatologist in your city, I am sure they will be able to help you.


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