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What is the cause for itching sensation on my legs?

Q: I am having itching only on my legs. This is there both during day and night, and is there only during the winter season when there is a drastic change in day and night temperatures. When I scratch there appears red rashes and at times it even leads to bruises. I have got a routine urine and blood sugar test done and is all normal. Please advise.

A:Most likely it is due to dryness of skin and it may be asteatotic eczema. During winters use moisturising cream like NMF-e cream or Moisturex-AE cream locally after bath and at night. Use Oilatum soap for bath. If itch is terrible and skin starts oozing, use topical Betnovate cream for a week or so twice daily along with antihistamine such as tablet Hyrax 10 mg at night time. If problem persists, do not forget to see a dermatologist.


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