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What is the cause for delayed orgasm in men?

Q: I am a 26 year old male. I have had sex with 8-10 women but every time they have their orgasms even before I start enjoying the sex. Is this due to some abnormality ? Will I be able to lead a satisfactory sex life after my marriage?

A:Well, most men in your place wouldnt be complaining - its the partners who would be! Guys usually complain that they finish too early, often even before their partners start to get aroused. It is all right if the woman reaches orgasm before you. Women can usually enjoy intercourse for some time (or at least not find it painful) even after they have attained climax. You could use this extra lease of time to attain your own ejaculation (and/or climax). Some women might actually discover that they are multi-orgasmic during such experiences. However, non-pleasurable sexual intercourse can be painful for the woman. Its improper to continue in such situations. There are conditions known as delayed/retarded ejaculation and anejaculation in men. These are abnormal conditions that will require professional help.


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