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What is the cause for chest pain and giddiness?

Q: I am a 42 year old male, pure vegetarian, working with a private account firm. I do morning walk for 30 to 45 minutes everyday except holidays. I got jaundice one or two times, then went for scanning and multiple stones in my gall bladder were found. 4 years ago, I had undergone laparoscopic operation for removing stones and the gall bladder. Subsequently, when I had gone for yearly testing, we found that my triglycerides count was 210 then doctor asked me not to take any oil and fatty foods. Since then I have reduced fatty foods. Last 6 months, I am finding giddiness (once doctor told me this is because of low blood pressure) whenever I am standing for more than 10 minutes, sometimes little pain in my left chest. Also finding my self not active and get strained. Would you guide me proper solution to come out of this and lead a normal life?

A:Chest pain after the age of 40 should be evaluated using investigations such as exercise and ultrasound. It may be necessary to monitor daily changes in blood pressure to help diagnose the cause of dizziness or giddiness. An ear exam may also show if there is a problem with balance control. The treatment of high triglycerides includes niacin, which may also help improve inner ear causes of giddiness. However, niacin or nicotinic acid which might help the blood lipids could temporarily cause flushing and faintness after taking a dose. One other concern underlying these symptoms would be diabetes, and this can be determined by measuring the blood sugar after a brief fast.


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