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What is the cause for burning sensation in my soles?

Q: I started doing the job from the month of July where I was used to sit for 10 hours continuously. In the month of September I started feeling burning sensation in the soles, for which I visited a neurologist, he prescribed me tablet Neurobion for 60 days. In last week of September, I left the job and since then there is no burning sensation in my soles. When I was doing no work at home i.e in the month of October I started feeling Back pain at the hip joint. I again visited the same neurologist and he asked me to go for HLA B27 test. The report came positive and he suggested me to go to a Rheumatologist, who prescribed me pain killer Celact MD 200, a mouth absorbent tablet. It kept the pain suppressed. I again joined my job in December, and now in February, I started to feel burning sensation near lower, armpit area, upper left side near breast, and back. Also I have undergone full body checkup this month, and the report shows no problem. Then what is the problem? I am worried and under great stress due to this. Please suggest the best medical treatment.

A:It is possible that you have seronegative spondarthropathy. Today, we have options apart from just pain killers for this condition. I believe you must have had a X-ray of the sacroiliac joint or the sacroiliac joint may have been evaluated as a part of the pelvis X-ray. Did it show evidence of sacroilitis? The best course would be to stay in touch with a rheumatologist.


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