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What is the cause for boils and tan on my face?

Q: My face becomes dark even if I avoid going out in the sun and I frequently get boils and pimples which stay for a long time. Why is this and what treatment should I take?

A:Skin getting darker (tanned) in the sun is something natural for all of us Indians as we are type III-V skin types (i.e. we all tan but rarely burn even on intense sunexposure). Many a times we discount trips to office or market while giving a history of sunexposure. Please clarify what clothes do you generally wear( Full sleeved shirts/half-sleeved shirt etc) and your colour before you became dark. Are you on any medications for any disease? Where exactly do you get pimples/boils on your face and your age, occupation etc. need to be known before giving correct advice. Please reply to these simple questions and I shall be in a better position to help you out.


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