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What is the cause for black reddish spots on my face?

Q: I have some black reddish spots on my face on both the sides and very near the eyes. I took some treatment with Aldopaq 4% cream and antifungal cream but they didn't help. Can it be black cancer melanosis? I want to now if it is melanosis or black cancer, is it dangerous? What should I do to treat them?

A:It appears that you have bilateral symmetrical, diffuse pigmentation. This sort of clinical picture is not consistent with cancer of the skin. In all probability you have either melasma or post inflammatory pigmentation. Local applications containing hydroquinone and sunscreens should help you considerably. If in doubt, skin biopsy should settle the nature of the disease. In case of post inflammatory pigmentation, attempt should be made to find out the original disorder, so as to avoid its recurrence.


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