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What is the cause and treatment of Schreumann's disease?

Q: My grandson is 14 years old. His height is 5.7 feet and he weighs 72 kg. He plays football etc. He is suffering from severe back pain, which started recently. The doctor said that he has Schreumann's disease. What is Schreumann's disease? What action has to be taken for immediate relief and treatment?

A:Schreumann's disease is traction epiphysitis of vertebral bodies, which make up the spine. The patient presents with a rounded back with pain and rigidity. It happens in susceptible boys mainly and is a self-limiting problem, till the growth is complete. The object is to prevent an increase in kyphotic deformity (round back) which is usually responsive to proper exercises, and using a brace (orthosis) if that alone is not working. Surgery is required in a very small percentage of cases. Your grandson should be religiously following the advice of his paediatrician. Repeat the exercises.


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