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What is the cause and treatment for bromohidrosis?

Q: I sweat a lot in between my thighs (upper area). It gradually dries up and when I rub the area, dirt rolls up. A disgusting odour comes from this region. The area is itchy too. My friend told me that its bromohidrosis. What is my problem? Is it bromohidrosis? If yes, then what is it and what should I do? Currently I am using Butop and Flutivate. I also have itchy boils appearing out of nowhere randomly on my body, which stay upto 5-6 months. Whenever I get injured, cuts, burns etc. my wound takes a lot of time to heal. Sometimes it even turns messy. I was diagnosed with having infection in blood in childhood. Please advise.

A:Bromhidrosis: It is malodorous sweat which may occur commonly in the axilla, feet, groins etc. It can be associated with: 1. Hyperhidrosis (increased sweating) 2. Apocrine glands dysfunction 3. Bacterial and fungal infections 4. Fatty acids decomposition producing distinctive odour. 5. Certain foodstuffs such as garlic, onion and excessive protein ingestion. 6. Heavy metals: arsenic. Treatment 1. Treatment of the cause if possible. 2. General cleaning of the body and frequent bathing. 3. Changing of socks and underwear repeatedly and using light clothes. 4. Avoid excess sweating. 5. Avoid certain types of food such as excess proteins, garlic, and spices. 6. Aeration of the area . 7. Dusting powders especially for the feet before dressing the socks. 8. Soaks for the feet such as potassium permanganate 1: 2000 or formaldehyde solution or aluminium chloride hexahydrate solution. 9. Deodorants & anti-perspirants available in different preparations. Care to be taken for local sensitization due to certain products.


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