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What is the cause and remedy for severe joint pains?

Q: I have a lot of pain in the joints of my leg particularly at night when I go to sleep. I have been told that it is because of calcium accumulation in the joints due to age. My age is 47 years and the same problem is being faced by my mother for the last 25 years. I have to travel about 50 km daily in a bus or car to attend office and get pain even while sitting in the bus or car. Normally while walking I feel more comfortable. Kindly suggest some natural remedy to solve this problem.

A:At 47, you are likely to have X-ray changes suggestive of spondylosis. We normally look at the clinical symptom of the patient before we plan the treatment. You will have to be assessed by an orthopaedic surgeon as I do not think you should have such severe symptoms with just degenerative changes that occur with age of 47. If at all it is because of that, you should have to be settled with exercises which have to be taught by an orthopaedic surgeon or physiotherapist. The only natural remedy is to do exercises.


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