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What is the best way of preparing barley water?

Q: What is the best way to prepare the barley water; by boiling or by soaking it overnight?

A:Barley is a wonderfully versatile cereal grain with a rich nut like flavour and an appealing chewy, pasta-like consistency. Its appearance resembles wheat berries although it is slightly lighter in colour. When fermented, barley is used as an ingredient in beer and other alcoholic beverages. In addition to its robust flavour, barley's claim to nutritional fame is based on its being a very good source of fibre and selenium and a good source of phosphorus, copper and manganese. Barley can be found in the market in various forms. It is generally available in pearled, hulled and flaked form. It is available pre-packaged as well as in bulk containers. Tips for Preparing Barley Like all grains, before cooking barley, rinse it thoroughly under running water and then remove any dirt or debris that you may find. Soaking is the next important first step as the raw grain may contain substances that are difficult to digest or are toxic. Soaking is also required for softening and reducing cooking time. After rinsing, add one part barley to three and a half parts boiling water. After the liquid has returned to a boil, turn down the heat, cover and simmer. Pearled barley should be simmered for about one hour while hulled barley should be cooked for about 90 minutes.


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