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What is the best treatment for recurrent acne?

Q: I am 32 years old female. I am getting pimples on my cheeks and they are painful to touch. I wash my face with face wash twice daily. I consulted a dermatologist last month and was given doxylag 100 mg tablet one daily for two weeks, benzoyl peroxide gel and differin gel. Within two weeks of using these medicines my condition was totally cured. In between I applied benzoyl gel 2-3 times and I was fine. But since two days I started getting pimples. Please help.

A:Acne vulgaris (in common language pimples) is a self-limiting disease. The aim of the treatment is to minimize and if possible prevent permanent scarring of face. It takes time for the results to appear. With conventional treatment, it may take as long as 6 months for 60 to 80% improvement. Once the optimum control is achieved, the medicines are gradually tapered till the maintenance therapy is reached. This is continued till the tendency lasts. The patient is periodically followed up to see if the results are as desired and also to see if there are any side effects. In either case the medicine or the dosage may have to be changed. In the vast majority of patients acne subsides by mid twenties. However in recent years, cases are being encountered who have started acne after the age of 25 years. In females who do not respond to treatment or who start later in life, one would like to rule out any underlying hormonal abnormality and other disorders, which may resemble pimples, etc. Therefore do not panic. Continue treatment as advised by your doctor. In acne, two weeks is a very short time to judge response. I am sure your dermatologist will take appropriate measures in case response is not as expected.


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