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What is the best method to manage knee arthritis?

Q: My mother is 55 years old. She is suffering from knee arthritis. Her treating doctor has suggested following options: physiotherapy; arthroscopy and supplementary medicines. As per my information physiotherapy is a short term remedy. Whereas the effect of arthroscopy lasts for about 2-3 years. If these solutions don't work then the last alternative would be knee replacement, which has its own complications. What is the best way to tackle the disease?

A:Knee arthritis is a life-style disease. If the pain is bearable, she manages her active life with some discomfort, and not much, pulling on with physio and painkillers is best. A stage comes when these measures do not work, and surgery is the only best option. It is best to see a knee surgeon, and discuss the various options. If the bones are in contact, some kind of replacement. whether partial or total are required. Arthroscopy usually does not help. I hope this answers your query.


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