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What is the best cure for bronchial allergy to pollens?

Q: This question is related to my wifes allergy. She has bronchial allergy to pollens. During this part of the year, she has wheezing problem. When acute she has to be administered Deriphyllin and Efcorlin IV injection. Lately her wheezing problem has been alternating with severe skin rashes. She does not have wheezing but instead develops red rashes and swellings on her face and body. A course of three injections (over three days) of Decadron and Avil helps her subside the allergy. However lately that too is not working. Can you help me know what is this problem and what is the right place one should go to for such problems for cure?

A:Pollen-related asthma is the likely cause of the spring-time flare-ups of your wifes asthma. We usually prefer to treat asthma with steroid inhalers (preventers) and brochodilator inhalers (relievers), turning to treatment with oral or injected medication only if the inhalers are ineffective. Unless the rash is related to contact with a specific substance, it may not be allergic in nature, and could possibly be urticaria. This is sometimes associated with underlying illness such as intestinal parasites, but sometimes occurs for no particular reason. The rash needs to be seen by a dermatologist. Most such patients find antihistamines helpful.


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