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What is serus papilary cystadenomaovary?

Q: What does serus papilary cystadenoma ovary mean? Six years back I had a cyst in the left ovary which was later operated and removed. After this they gave me the result as cerus papilary cystadenoma ovary. I would be most obliged if you could give the details of this term and what precautions should I take in future? I am a mother of two kids aged 7 & 5.

A:It is a tumour of the ovary derived from germinal (surface) epithelium. Serous ovarian tumours are common cystic neoplasms and make up about one fourth of all ovarian tumours. It is characterized by epithelium-lined cystic masses that contain secreted material, usually serous or mucinous. The tumour produces a pattern which are both papillary and cystic or in which the acini are distended by fluid or by outgrowths of tissue. Its malignant potential is several times greater than that of mucinous cystadenoma. No precautions to be taken as the ovary has been removed except routine gynaecological check-ups annually.


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