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What is Pityriasis alba and the treatment?

Q: I am 27 years old, suffering from pityriasis alba on both sides of my cheeks. Is it a bacterial or fungal infection. Please prescribe oral and topical medicine for it. I have already applied supirocin-B for 6-7 days. Asking for your help and possible remedies as early as possible.

A:Pityriasis alba is a common skin condition affecting children and occasionally young adults. Several round or oval slightly scaly pink patches appear, leaving pale marks when the redness has faded. Pityriasis alba is a mild form of dermatitis of unknown cause. It can clear up after a few months, or in some cases persist two or three years. The colour gradually returns completely to normal. No treatment is necessary, but a moisturizing cream may improve the dry appearance or a mild topical steroid cream can be applied for a few days. Points to remember are: 1. Lightening of skin is not permanent. 2. Pityriasis alba generally is self-limited. 3. Treatment may shorten the duration of the lesions to several weeks in certain cases.


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