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What is new in managing diabetes?

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 1. I am taking approx 30 units of insulin daily. I would like to know if there is a permanent cure for this (maybe in the pipeline). What is islet replacement? Is it done in India? If yes, should I go for it?

A:In type-1 diabetes, the cells of pancreas which produce insulin die, hence insulin has to be given from outside. At present the cheapest and best method is injection of insulin. Now a needle free device for the injection of insulin is also available. There is no permanent cure for the disease in the next 10 years. Islet cell replacement/transplant is in the experimental stages only, not done routinely anywhere in the world. Earliest new therapy is inhalable insulin which is likely to hit the market within a year; still, even this cannot replace injection of insulin completely. Oral insulin research is still going on. Let us hope for the best.


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