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What is my knee pain due to?

Q: I am 26 years old suffering from left knee pain. I was diagnosed by the orthopaedic to be suffering from Condylytis. I uses to masturbate 1 to 15 times a month. Is this knee pain the result of my bad habit or any other symptom? I did not tell the doctor that I used to masturbate. He prescribed me Hicox 90 mg, Diclofinac Injection, when I took the tablets I was not feeling the pain on those days but when I stopped taking them it again started paining. He told me to do a RA factor blood test. Sir, I want to know whether Condylytis is curable or not? What exercises should I do to control the pain? Also, I have pain in my left elbow on the inner side. It usually pains when I keep my hand on the floor with my body weight on my hand or when I lift heavy things. I use to lift 5 kg dumbells and a 10 kg bar. Is it tennis elbow?

A:Knee swelling and pain in a young man MUST be considered to be the earliest sign of a serious inflammatory immunological (autoimmune) disease called ankylosing spondylitis (alternative name often used is spondyloarthritis) - unless until excluded. This cannot be done by Orthopaedic Surgeons as this disease does not belong to their field of expertise. For this you MUST be seen immediately by specialist-physicians trained in diagnosing and treating immunologically mediated inflammatory (autoimmune) joint diseases. These specialists are called RHEUMATOLOGISTS.


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