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What is meant by short theta burst?

Q: What is meant by short theta burst Is there a cure for the same?

A:The electrical activity of the brain can be measured by electroencephalography (EEG). There are several types of electrical activities that are noted in the brain and these include alpha, beta, delta and theta along with some others. Delta waves have the frequency range up to 4 Hz and are seen in infants, some diseases and some stages of sleep. Theta waves have a frequency range of 4 Hz to 8 Hz and are associated with drowsiness, light sleep, meditation, and hypnagogic states and in young adults. Alpha waves (8 Hz to 12 Hz) are present in alert conscious state while beta waves (>12Hz) arise during thinking and concentration. Gamma waves (26-100 Hz) are associated with higher mental activities. The origins and functional significance of theta rhythms in both humans and other animals remain unclear. Theta waves are classed as ‘slow’ activity and are prominent in states between wakefulness and sleep and seem related to the subconscious. It is abnormal in awake adults. Theta rhythm appears to mediate &/or promote adaptive, complex behaviours such as learning and memory and are believed to occur when the brain is prepared to process incoming signals. They are also found to be associated with voluntary activities like exploration, spatial navigation and alert state in rats suggesting that these waves reflect the integration of sensory signals with motor activity. They are part of normal neurophysiology and need no 'cure'.


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