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What is hemangiolipomatous swelling?

Q: What is hemangiolipomatous swelling? I have swelling in the left thoraco-lumbar region? How can it be dealt with? I have been referred to AIIMS? Which is the best institute to treat this?

A:Angiolipoma is a benign tumour containing vascular (blood vessel) and mature adipose (fat cells) elements. The most common locations of angiolipomas are the soft tissues of the extremities, trunk, or neck. Angiolipomas are referred to by various terms, including hemangiolipoma, angiomyolipoma, vascular lipoma, and fibromyolipoma. The cause of angiolipomas is unknown and probably arise from the same progenitor tissue as lipomas and hemangiomas. Angiolipomas can be further categorized into two subtypes: non-infiltrating and infiltrating with the former type being more common. Clinically, the non-infiltrating angiolipoma is seen in young persons and presents as painful, soft, subcutaneous nodules. The infiltrating angiolipomas are rare. They usually involve the extremities and may extensively infiltrate into the surrounding tissues, such as bones, muscles, nerves, and fibrocollagenous tissues. Total surgical removal of the tumours is the first choice for treatment of non-infiltrating angiolipomas. For the infiltrating type, a total resection of the tumour for relief of substantial symptoms by decompressing can be more difficult. Most patients have a good prognosis because the tumours are usually slow growing and do not undergo malignant transformation.


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