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What is green tea and it's uses?

Q: What is green tea? Where is it grown? What is its Indian name? How is it useful?

A:Green tea is a herb (Camellia sinensis) which is unfermented tea that is immediately heated (or steamed) to kill the fermentation enzymes. Naturally low in caffeine, the brew is very light in colour. Green tea is mainly grown in China and Japan. It has no specific Indian name, but sometimes it is known as herbal tea. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cancer. The active catechin (antioxidant) EGCG, theanine and saponin protect against digestive and respiratory infections. The other advantages of green tea are that it has a sobering effect and prevents sleepiness, it prevents rashes, it has a diuretic effect and it prevents poor digestion, energises and satisfies thirst. It also fights dental cavity and plaque.


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