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What is Fibrous dysplasia (affecting multiple bones)?

Q: One of my friends son aged 14 years is suffering from fibrous dysplasia since the age of 6. Till date he has suffered multiple fractures of both the hands and legs 8 times. Last month, he again suffered multiple fractures in the left leg. My friend has lost all hope due to the repeated fractures of his son. In view of this I request you to kindly help this problem with some remedial solution.

A:Fibrous dysplasia can be monostotic or polyostotic (affecting multiple bones). There is no treatment to cure the disease. All the treatment is directed towards decreasing pain and improving function. The proxmial femur may be typically involved giving rise to pain, deformity, fracture, limp or a limb length discrepancy. Surgery is required only in case of fracture and for correction of deformity. Fibrous dysplasia can be systemic - it is called McCune-Albright syndrome. It consists of abonormal skin pigmentation, skeletal involvement and endocrinopathy. There is no proven medical treatment.


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