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What is bilateral mild peripheral lesion?

Q: I am 33 years old female suffering from dizziness while moving and standing for the last two years. I don't feel any such dizziness while sleeping or lying down. I used to lie on my stomach on the bed and work on my laptop. On getting up, I used to experience giddiness. I approached my family doctor and with the medicines prescribed by him I felt fine only for a week. Then, I approached an ENT specialist and an orthopaedic surgeon. The ENT specialist said that my problem could be because of positional vertigo. He prescribed me some medicines and also suggested certain exercises. Initially, this helped but I started feeling the same kind of giddiness and dizziness while standing and walking. Things have got worse for the last one-month and now, I have consulted a neurologist who recommended an electronystagmography (ENG) test and the report is suggestive of bilateral mild peripheral lesion. What does this mean and what can be the causes of giddiness?

A:Peripheral lesion in ENG means the cause is with your balance organs in the ear. It is not able to tell the brain that the patient is at rest and the brain thinks body is moving and it makes adjustments and thus the vertigo starts. You have understood clearly that this is a self-limiting disease. It will ease off with time. You have to now train the balance organ and reduce inputs that means: - Avoid sudden head movements - Avoid prolonged abnormal positions to read (like the one mentioned by you) - Take rests in between prolonged working on a desk - Start yoga for neck and back muscles - Start exercises to control your balance system (your ENT specialist will tell you) - Don't take too much salt in food - Avoid anxiety -Don't wait for the vertigo or dizziness to start. If you practice all these things and have some patience, you will definitely see some great results.


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