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What is aquagenic pruritis?

Q: I am a 26 year old male with a skin problem for the last two years. Whenever I go out from my house, due to sweat I get a lot of prickling in my body. The prickling occurs whenever I am in contact with water, externally. It occurs after my bath also. I get a lot of prickling in my body. It occurs after the contact of rain water also. I consulted two doctors, but I was not cured. So I finally went to SRMC Chennai, where they told me that it is Pruritis. They gave me medicines and asked me to take it for one month. The tablets that they gave the first time were Cetzine and Atarax. It was okay initially for three days but then it started again. So I went again, and they gave me another set of tablets. Instead of Cetzine they gave Allegra. I am confused. They also do not have any hope of clearing it. Can I get a permanent solution for this?

A:You are having aquagenic pruritis which you can avoid by putting oil before bath, or producing locally some reaction on the body part. Since this form of problem occurs once in a day, you will be all right through out the day. The drug of choice to control otherwise is Atarax 25mg thrice daily.


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