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What is an orgasm?

Q: I want to know what exactly is the feeling of orgasm is?Is it different for different individuals and does male and female have totally different way of having orgasm?when do u say that wow!! i had orgams today?can u explain it clearly.

A:Orgasm is the peak experience in human existence-nothing else even comes close. The thing that human beings enjoy most-singing, dancing, eating, drinking- are all pale and feeble compared with the incomparable ecstasy of orgasm.This feeling differs from individual to individual. It is more of emotional factor. Some women may need a lot of physical activity and time to achieve orgasm.In the male, the orgasm is usually reached with the discharge of semen. In the female, there is a white discharge from the vagina. After an orgasm is reached, the male’s penis becomes deflated again and comes out of the vagina easily.


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