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What is a quantitative DNA PCR test done for?

Q: I have undergone DNA PCR test which came out to be positive. But, the concerned pathologist said that this is only qualitative that may be found in 80% to 90% people, but may not be the sign of the disease itself. He says, in order to determine whether the presence of the bacteria suggests any disease (i.e. whether it crossed the clinical danger level or not) one has to perform a quantitative DNA PCR test. Please, let me know about it in detail. Also, my globulin was found to be less in the LFT test. What does this signify and how to correct it? Can I take Interferon?

A:You have not mentioned for which disease (bacterial or viral) the DNA PCR was done. Quantitative PCR is important in Hepatitis C as well as HIV/AIDS, wherein the clinical decisions may depend on the viral load - determined by quantitative DNA PCR. Globulin levels are an indirect measurement of the body's antibody levels and you should check with your doctor the cause for this. Hyperimmune globulin could be administered to boost these levels, but it is a short term measure only.


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