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What is a low copper vegetarian Indian diet?

Q: I am a 42 years old male suffering from Wilson’s Disease, diagnosed in 2002. I go for regular check ups for liver function tests, kidney function tests and annual 24 hrs urinary copper. I am on a daily dose of Penicillamine (250 mg x 6, i.e.3 at noon after meals and 3 at night after meals), Ursocol SR 450 and folimax 5 mg. I have been asked to remain on a low copper diet. I am a vegetarian. Can I get detailed information on low copper vegetarian Indian foodCopper being a micronutrient is available in almost all the foods because of this I cannot eat my favourite vegetables, fruits etc. Is there a way out of this food problem? I very badly need some dietary advice. Is this disease curable?

A:If your physician recommends that you follow a low copper diet, follow these guidelines: Begin following a low-copper diet right away. While not enough to manage the disease alone, lowering your copper intake takes a positive step toward minimizing damage due to buildup of this metal. Do not eat the following foods: Chocolate milk, soy milk, cocoa, Dried beans (moong, matki, lentils, peas, red beans, rajmah, black beans, soy beans), Millet, Barley, Wheat germ, Bran breads and cereals with more than .2 mg per serving), Soy flour, soy grits, Fresh Sweet Potatoes, Soy protein, tofu, Nuts and seeds, Instant Breakfast beverages, mineral water, soy-based beverages, copper fortified formulas. Brewers Yeast, Multiple vitamins, minerals or herbal supplements with copper or minerals. Take a B-vitamin complex to replace the bodys supply as it is depleted by D-penicillamine and trientine. Be careful not to take any supplements that contain copper. Please speak to your doctor for the appropriate dose. Be aware that zinc acetate may cause nausea at first, but this side effect usually eases. Eating a small amount of protein, such as a slice of low fat cheese, with the morning dose helps. Dont take zinc acetate with bread or other carbohydrates, however. Have your water analysed to be sure that it does not have high levels of copper. If your water has more than 100 micrograms per litre you may need to use water that has the mineral removed. Ask your doctor, dietitian, or pharmacist for help in choosing the correct kind of water. Distilled water still has minerals in it. Do not use copper pots, pans or other cooking utensils. Read food labels and especially labels of any vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement. Some list the copper content. The disease cannot be cured but it can be kept under control.


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