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What is a haematoma of the leg?

Q: I am a 49 years old male being treated for the last one month for a muscle injury due to vigorous movement of the body on a cold evening. Initially, there was pain, swelling and blue spots on the foot. On the basis of ultra sound test report they got me admitted to the hospital for treating DVT. They gave me two injections (muscle) every day for six days. Another doppler test carried out after the treatment showed improvement in the DVT but also revealed a haematoma on the calf muscle because of which the treatment was changed - OLFEN 100 SR and REPARIL tablets. My present condition after two weeks of treatment for haematoma: there is no change in the pain or hardness of the muscle even though the swelling has subsided. I get a pulling sensation while standing and walking, and am not able to put full load on the particular leg. The doctor treating the haematoma (an orthopaedic surgeon) suggests draining it by surgery. My question is 1)Is there any other way to get rid of this? 2)In case of surgery how long will it take to return to normal? I am presently working in a Gulf Country and belongs to Mumbai (India). Can you advise an appropriate doctor/hospital for carrying out this treatment succesfully.

A:A haematoma is a collection of blood, that usually occurs in soft tissues such as muscle, and tends to occur after injury. A large haematoma can cause the symptoms that you have. If the symptoms persist, surgical drainage of the haematoma is often required. Whether you need it or not is difficult to say, without examining you. Individual opinions may differ, but I think your doctor is probably correct in advising drainage. Appropriate doctor: cannot advise; Appropriate hospital: depends where you live.


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