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What exercises should I do for recurrent shoulder dislocation?

Q: I would like to ask you about shoulder dislocation which had occurred 4 times. All dislocations occurred while I was playing cricket. As the last dislocation occurred a year back, I would like to start shoulder strengthening exercises. Can I start doing surya namaskar (not related to yoga) or could you please suggest some more exercises?

A:You have had recurrent dislocations and need to be very careful. You have not mentioned if any of the dislocations were treated surgically, or all were managed conservatively. In either case, since the last one occurred one year back, I would advise you to see if all your movements are full. Only then, can you start isometric exercises for shoulder while standing, performed several times. You can use dumbbells or small weights to start with. The arc of movement of abduction-elevation, flexion-elevation and external rotation need to be done carefully and gradually. Please guard against sudden abduction and/or external rotation to avoid recurrence. Only after you are able to do all the shoulder movements with adequate strength, should you go for the exercises you want to do.


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