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What exercises should I do for acute lower back pain?

Q: I am 34 years old working in the petroleum refining industry as a maintenance engineer. Few days back I got acute pain in the lower back on the left side. I consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who advised complete bed rest, medicines (mobizox and neurobion) and X-ray, which showed obliteration of lumbar curve. He advised exercises which I started but again the pain has recurred. I therefore request you to guide me how this problem of pain can be diagnosed fully? Kindly tell me what are the various tests which are required and which is the best method to get relief from pain-exercise or medicines?

A:I have read your problem and would like to suggest that exercises will be of more help for relieving your pain. Also what type of work you do in work place, whether sitting/standing often. If sitting try to place your legs at horizontal level every 2/3 hrs for few mins. If standing for long duration sit with your back support for 10 mins every 2/3 hours. By altering postures there will be less strain on spine. I would suggest following exercises: 1. Lie on your back, raise one leg, hold this position by count of ten, bring the leg down slowly and repeat for other leg. 2. Lie on your back, bend both your legs, try to bring thigh towards your chest, hold for few seconds and take legs down slowly to straight positions. 3. Sit straight on a chair, bring both arms in front touching both hands, raise arms above head, turn hands towards ceiling and stretch your back as straight as possible. Count for ten and bring arms slowly down. Each exercise can be started 3/4 in number and repeated twice a day. Take care of your posture specially while sitting. When pain is acute do not attempt any exercises. Take medication and rest.


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