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What exercises can I do during pregnancy?

Q: I am a 35 years old woman and pregnant a second time. During my last pregnancy I had a severe problem of lax joints. What exercises can I do to avoid the pain this time? I also suffer from backache.

A:You would do well if you first checked with your doctor to see if you are allowed to do some stretch exercises, like light yoga so that your body remains supple. If you have not ever exercised before, and once you get the go ahead, just concentrate on joint mobility actions like rotations of each joint in a very slow and non-jerky fashion. Then sitting down or in lying position, take each body part and gently hold the stretch in a measured way without holding your breath. Do not do any forward or backward bending movements for now. Release after about 5-10 seconds and feel the ease. You can do this almost everyday and if comfortable, 2-3 times a day not lasting more than a few minutes each time.


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