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What does slightly raised TSH level indicate?

Q: I am a 46 years old male weighing 87 kg. My TSH level is 6.17, uric acid level - 9 mg/dL and Tgl level is 385 mg/dL. My physician told me to take Thyronorm 25 mcg once a day to control TSH and he said that other things would get normal with dietary control. I gained 17 kg in the last five months. Am I on the right treatment? I control my blood pressure with Losar H twice daily for the last 10 years. I do not have any other physical problems/symptoms.

A:Slightly raised TSH suggests that you have subclinical hypothyroidism and this does not need treatment unless you have an enlarged thyroid gland, positive anti-TPO, abnormal lipid profile. I would suggest you to stop thyronorm and get these tests done and get back to your endocrinologist. If these tests are normal then you should get TSH after 3 months to look for a rising trend. Your weight gain is not entirely related to subclinical hypothyrodism. You are overweight by 8-10 kg and this should first be reduced by diet and exercise.


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