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What does my thyroid test report indicate?

Q: I am a 30 years old woman and my weight is 54 kg and height 5 feet. My recent thyroid test report showed T3 - 114 ng/dl, T4 - 8.60 µg/dl, TSH - 5.74 µIU/ml. My T3 and T4 are in normal range whereas TSH is slightly high. One and a half year back also my thyroid report had similar results. MY CBC-blood, WBC differential Count, urinalysis - routine, glucose – fasting and lipid profile are all normal. My calcium, AST/SGOT, creatinine, RF Factor, ALT/SGPT, uric acid are also within range. I always have high pulse rate between 95 and 110. I get heavy sweating all the time and gained around 4-5 kg weight, which I will lose once I start exercising. My BP is also normal (110/70 mmHg). Please advise.

A:Your diagnosis is still subclinical hypothyroidism. The fact that TSH has not increased over last one year suggests that you still do not need thyroid hormone replacement (treatment). Your pulse rate around 90 is in normal range (normal 60-100). Also, in hypothyroidism there is fall in pulse rate and if you are given thyroid hormone it will further increase your heart rate. On the contrary heart rate is increased in subjects with hyperthyroidism (increased thyroid hormones). Your weight for height is fine and to maintain this please continue diet and exercise.

With this level of TSH no treatment is needed unless there are menstrual problems, fertility issues etc.

I would suggest you to get anti-TPO as well to know the cause of subclinical hypothyroidism and get your TSH after one year or so.


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