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What does my hematology report indicate?

Q: I am a 29 years old male, generally remain fit and avoid taking medicines. Recently, I got some hematology tests done. The report states the following:-

  • WBC: 5100
  • Differential Count
  • LYM: 34.5
  • MXD: 8.8
  • NEUT: 56.7
  • RBC: 6.21
  • HGB: 13
  • HCT: 42.1
  • MCV: 67.8
  • MCH: 20.9
  • MCHC: 30.9
  • PLT: 303000
  • MPV: 9.4
  • PDW: 12.6
Kindly analyse and tell if I have some problem. How do I increase my body's resistance to any kind or viral/fungal/bacterial attacks?

A:Your red cell indices suggest beta-thalassemia trait. Please get a Hb A2 and Hb F estimation done by HPLC to exclude it. If two individuals having thal trait marry, there is a 50% chance (in each pregnancy) that the baby will be born with thal major, which is a serious disease. Other than that, an individual with thal trait has no major problem (as you have yourself stated). In case thal trait is confirmed, do get your partner tested too so that both of you are aware of the genetic risk. There is no way to increase body’s resistance except by taking nutritious diet, regular exercise and following a healthy life-style.


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