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What does a high ASO titre mean?

Q: I am a student and recently got some throat infection. The doctor suggested ASO Titre test, which was positive. He then advised some medicines and after one month I have again undergone the test. This time it was 400IU/ml so now I am using medicines. I heard that some people will use pencilin for that. I don't have any complications like joint pain or fever but the titre is still there. Will it be dangerous or will it decrease on its own? I underwent ESR and ECG test and they are normal. Recently, I got a job in one of the MNC company, and they will conduct medical test. Will there be any problem for me due to this titre or they would ignore it?

A:Adults respond very differently to streptococcal throat infection than those 15 years of age or below. ASO etc. is of significance ONLY in those <15 years of age, not in adults. Therefore, unless you develop some real symptoms (not related to anxiety and worry due to some wrong unsolicited advice given to you by those around you!), you should not worry at all and DO NOT waste your time in chasing ASO titre!


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