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What do these eye test results imply?

Q: We went for a routine eye check up of our 5 years old daughter and have been given the following specifications for her glasses. Right eye: sph : +1.25, cyl : - 3.00, axis : 180, VN : 6/18 ph; Left eye: sph: nil, cyl: -2.5, axis : 180, VN : 6/12 ph. Can you please explain in simple language what this means and implies? There is no history of glasses in our family. How can this be rectified?

A:This means that your child's eyes have an oblong shape of the and she needs to wear glasses to see things clearly. This is not a disease just abnormal shape of the eyes. However in spite of her glasses the vision does not improve as much as desired at present. Let her wear glasses as much as possible and in about 6 months have her eyes and vision checked again. This should improve but the shape of the eyes may remain oblong. Just the physical growth and use of the eyes will improve things. Don't worry about the need for glasses just the visual improvement is our concern with glasses.


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