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What do my thyroid test reports suggest?

Q: I am a 30 years female having a thyroid problem. My right lobe is larger than the left and suppresses it. Ultrasound shows a nodule of size 11 x 10.8 mm in the lower part of right lobe and small hypo-echoic areas are noted in the left lobe. Thyroid function test showed FT4 - 58.1 pmole/L, FT3 > 40 pmole/L, TSH - 0.08 mlU/L and Anti thyroid peroxidase - 210.40 IU /mL. I am taking Neo-Mercazole and Inderal tablets. I am having fever / vomiting most of the time. I also experience pain in the throat sometimes and thyroid is more active especially after taking a soft drink.

A:The reports suggest that you have thyrotoxicosis which is likely to be due to hyperfunction of these nodules. To confirm the diagnosis I suggest you to get thyroid uptake study done. This is nuclear medicine test and if uptake is high then it will indicate a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. Another useful test in your case will be thyroid scan (nuclear test). If this test shows a hot nodule then treatment of choice will be radioiodine therapy which can cure your disease. Before you undergo these tests you have to stop neomecazole for few days as per advice of nuclear medicine specialist. Please get back to us after above tests. Awaiting these tests continue with nepmercazole and inderal.


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