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What do I do for hormonal imbalance?

Q: I am a 21 years old female suffering from a hormonal imbalance for the last 1 year. The symptoms are irregular periods (now under control due to medication), facial hair (though not too dark), excess body hair, excessive hair loss, excessive hunger (because of which I am overweight). I am taking the following medicines: Diane-35 (due to which my periods have become regular); fincar (for keeping my acne and facial hair problem under control) and Dietman(for controlling hunger). I have been told by my doctor that these medicines need to be continued till the female patient conceives as these hormonal problems become normal after conceiving. I want to know what are the optional treatments for my kind of hormonal problem, especially facial/body hair and hair loss on scalp. What all tests should I get done to confirm it. I have undergone all the tests meant for my problems and right now everything is normal. Please do tell me, are these medicines meant to be taking for my entire life or can i get cured through any treatment?

A:Issue in this query is poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD). Symptoms listed by you are very classical of PCOD which occurs in young girls near menarche. The most important factors implicated in PCOD are genetic background and obesity due lifestyle. Changing lifestyle is the main reason for rising prevalence of this disease. List of tests to be done are: 1. Testosterone level 2. Prolactin 3. TSH 4. CORTISOL 5. LH/FSH on 3rd day of cycle. 6. USG for pelvis 7. OGTT As the primary problem is Insulin Resistance i.e., insulin hormone secreted from pancreas is less effective so the mainstay of treatment is reducing Insulin Resistance by reducing weight using diet and exercise and certain medications like Metformin. The treatment you are on is ok but I would suggest you to start taking Metformin instead of Fincar along with rest of medications. Also focus on lifestyle with increase in the green leafy vegetables and exercise. You must note that you are overweight at least by 10-12 kg so you should seriously concentrate on this aspect. There are very high chances that with above regimen you will improve fast and may not need medications after year or so.


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