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What causes vitamin D deficiency and excess of phosphorus?

Q: I am a 34 years old male with non-specific bone pain in my legs for the last two weeks. I have gone through these tests – ALP - 90 U/L, calcium serum - 9.7 mg/dl, vitamin B 12 - 306 pg/ml, phosphorous - 5.6 mg/dl and vitamin D, 25 hydroxyl - 24.76 nmol/L. My reports suggest that I am suffering from vitamin D deficiency and excess of phosphorous. What causes deficiency of vitamin D and excess of phosphorus? I also underwent kidney functions tests (KFT) and liver function tests (LFT) a couple of months back as a routine check-up, which came normal.

A:From the test reports provided, it seems to be due to deficiency of Vitamin D and this is mainly due to the Vitamin derivative Calcitriol and calcidiol. Low blood calcidiol (25-hydroxy-vitamin D) can result from avoiding the sun. Deficiency results in impaired bone mineralization, and leads to bone softening diseases.

A bone-thinning disorder that occurs exclusively in adults due to long term vitamin D deficiency and is characterized by proximal muscle weakness and bone fragility. The effects of osteomalacia are thought to contribute to chronic musculo-skeletal pain.There is no persuasive evidence of lower vitamin D status in chronic pain sufferers.

Again, Rickets, a childhood disease characterized by impeded growth, and deformity, of the long bones which can be caused by calcium or phosphorus deficiency as well as a lack of vitamin D; today it is largely found in low income countries like ours and others in Africa, Asia or the Middle East and in those with genetic disorders such as pseudovitamin D deficiency rickets.

The best way to treat it is by exposing oneself to adequate sunlight. Supplements of Vitamin D3 are also available and can be taken under adequate medical supervision.


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