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What causes recurrent malaria?

Q: I am a 57 years old woman who got malaria symptoms two weeks back. I have had malaria thrice before. I treated myself with Coartem and Doxycylcine, but there was no improvement. So I took a second course of Coartem and then consulted a doctor. He did a finger prick test and a blood test and told me that I was still positive for malaria. He gave me a combination drug which covered 4 strains of malaria and more Doxycylcline. I started feeling very nauseous and weak. The doctor told me that there was infection and prescribed medication for typhoid. My condition has improved but now I am having pain in my right side and in my breast. I do have a silicone implant.

A:Some strains of malaria relapse and that is the reason you have been given a fair amount of antimalarials. In cases of vivax malaria, primaquine should be taken for radical cure and to prevent relapses. For typhoid the usual course of antibiotics is 10-14 days. In case your right chest and abdomen pain persists, get an ultrasound chest and upper abdomen done. It may not be related to the implant.


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