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What causes pain in the legs?

Q: I am a 36 years old man suffering from problem in my legs. It seems that the blood has got thickened in my legs and is not circulating properly, as a consequence my legs ache too much. It gives a feeling of heaviness. When I apply acupressure to the soles of my feet, I feel relief but for a short while only. Recently, I had a Doppler study of both my legs done, which was also negative. Please suggest.

A:There are many reasons why one gets aches and pains in the legs. The lack of circulation is one of the causes of these symptoms. If the Doppler is negative and the acupressure gives relief then chances are the pain is totally unrelated to circulatory problems. The most plausible cause would be neuropathy. This condition is multi-factorial and an advice from a physician or a Neurologist would give further direction towards diagnosis and amelioration of the symptoms. The feeling that the blood has got thicker in the legs and is not circulating is just a sensation not real, as if the blood gets thicker it will not only cause problems in the legs but other organs and hands will suffer first.


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