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What causes nasal bleeding and how can it be cured?

Q: My 8 years old son has been facing the problem of nasal bleeding for the last 5 years, irrespective of the season or climate. Our doctor told us that the membrane in his nose is thin and that the problem would get solved on its own, with time. But, the problem still persists and sometimes, my son’s nose bleeds twice a day, that too while sitting idle. What tests should be done and what line of treatment should be taken?

A:The occurrence of nose bleed may be due to injury, irritation of the cells lining the nose, abnormalities of the nasal septum, some inflammatory diseases, congenital bleeding disorders, local growth etc. This requires a nasal examination followed by some tests (including a coagulation profile, if indicated). There are several treatment options available but these depend on the clinical findings of the patient. You need to consult a good ENT surgeon who can examine the child and explain to you what further needs to be done.


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