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What causes minor cerebral strokes?

Q: My mother is 53 years and is a diabetic since 10 years. Her sugar level is less than 200 mg/dl and most of the times her BP is normal. Once she had taken medicines for high BP and is regularly taking glynase mf. 0n 2/1/03 she suddenly felt uneasy and started vomiting and was admitted to a local nursing home. A CT scan showed a cerebral attack but she never lost her sense and her organs are functioning properly. Since 4/1 she is at Assembly of God Church, Kolkata. The doctor says that her condition is quite stable but the sugar and BP levels are fluctuating and is on BP medicine & insulin. On 7/1 she had sudden severe headeache which was due to raised BP. We are feeling helpless and wonder if she will recover or not. When will her condition be stable and is there any further danger?

A:From your description I infer that your mother is getting minor cerebral strokes which unfortunately occurs in people who have diabetes and high blood pressure. The way to improve the condition is to ensure that her blood pressure is well controlled and I feel that she will need daily insulin injections to control her diabetes. She also needs her heart and cholesterol checking and treatment given as appropriate. If she has any irregularity of her heart beat she would require long term anti-coagulant treatment. I suggest you consult a specialist who, I am sure will help. Good luck.


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